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Lindsay Lohan Returns To Acting in Upcoming Netflix Holiday Film

Get your Netflix subscriptions ready because we have some HollyGOOD news for you: Lindsay Lohan will star in an upcoming Netflix holiday romantic comedy!

The streaming service tweeted Monday that the film will center around “a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress” who comes across a handsome lodge owner and his daughter after losing her memory in a skiing accident.

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According to Variety, production on the film doesn’t  start until November 2021, so the film won’t be released this holiday season. The film will be directed by Janeen Damian, who is also a co-writer of the film along with Michael Damian, Jeff Bonnett, and Ron Oliver. Amanda Philips and Eric Jarboe are the executive producers. Netflix has not yet announced the title or the rest of the cast.

Lindsay Lohan’s long-awaited Hollywood return

Lindsay Lohan has played iconic roles since the ‘90s with her film debut in The Parent Trap. Lindsay instantly won her way into the hearts of movie lovers everywhere with her portrayal of both Annie and Hallie. Her work in the film earned her a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film by a Leading Young Actress.

Lindsay Lohan went on to play more memorable roles in films like Life-Size, Get a Clue, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She starred as the lead role of Cady in the timeless high school comedy Mean Girls, which was written by Tina Fey. With Lindsay Lohan’s impact on audiences of all ages, it is no wonder that her return to the screen is so significant.

Lindsay Lohan experienced personal struggles throughout her career that resulted in public scrutiny and less consistent acting roles. Most recently, she has starred in the 2019 film Among the Shadows, and was the subject of a 2018 MTV reality series called Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. In a 2019 interview with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, Lindsay Lohan teased a return to Hollywood after she had been living in Australia for her work on The Masked Singer there. We are so happy that we are finally getting word of a new role for the beloved actress.

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Fan reactions to Lindsay Lohan’s new role

After news broke of Lindsay Lohan’s role in the new Netflix rom-com, fans on Twitter were overjoyed.

One Twitter user shared their excitement for Lindsay’s comeback with a crying meme.

Horror writer Susie Moloney cheered Lindsay on after hearing of her return.

Ahra joked that Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting has single handedly saved this year.

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Paris said that the announcement of Lindsay’s new gig has brought her to tears.

Hannah said that having Lindsay Lohan on Netflix will be iconic.

Lindsay Lohan’s characters have been a large part of millennials’ and Gen Zers’ childhoods, so we are elated to see how this venture and roles to come impact viewers across generations!

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