Lindsay Lohan’s TV Appearance Rider Is Insane (But Totally Justified)!


Lindsay Lohan has been going through a really difficult time. The actress has recently separated herself from her abusive fiance Egor Tarabasov after police were called to her London home and photos from a scary incident on the beach surfaced.

In the wake of Lindsay’s break-up, the actress was invited to appear on Russia’s most popular talk show to discuss her relationship with the Russian heir.  Because the show, called Pust Govoryat, is asking Lohan to talk about such a painful period in her life, she’s demanding a whole lot in return. You go, girl!

According to TMZLindsay’s rider is absolutely insane. But seriously, if you’re expecting the actress to go on your show for the purpose of fueling a media circus that she’s desperately trying to avoid, you better pay up. Girl has gotta get paid.

To appear on the show LiLo wants the following:

– A private jet
– security
– a one-year Russian visa with extension (we hope this doesn’t mean she’s going to use it to fly back-and-forth to see Tarabasov)
– 500,000 British pounds
– Hair, makeup and a manicurist on the plane
– A Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite
– A meeting and photos with Russian president Vladimir Putin

Producers say they’re open to meeting her demands, and they’re currently discussing the contract. Apparently, some of the stipulations have already been Okay-ed.

We totally don’t blame Lindsay for asking for whatever she wants. Going on a talk-show to discuss her abuse doesn’t really help her personal brand in any way, so she better get whatever she wants in return.


In addition to the news that Lohan may appear on Russian TV, the actress was spotted sporting her gigantic emerald engagement ring over the weekend, but the engagement isn’t back on. The actress was wearing the beauty on her right hand because she does what she wants, and that ring is way too beautiful to hide in a dresser drawer.


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