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Lizzo cheers up Cardi B with flowers

Lizzo has given Cardi B something to smile about after filing for divorce from husband Offset by sending her a bouquet of blooms.

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The WAP rapper filed a petition to end her three-year marriage to the Migos star in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday (September 15, 2020) and a day later, she shared a video of her supportive and thoughtful gift from the Truth Hurts star on Instagram.

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“Isn’t Lizzo the nicest person in the world?” Cardi said as she showed off the flowers. “Look what she sent me! She is just a beautiful a** person. I just love her so much.”

In the accompanying card, Lizzo reeled off her pal’s accomplishments, writing: “Flowers for a flower! Congrats on all of your successes this summer – know you are loved and are love.”

And there’s more to come – Lizzo signed off by writing: “P.S. I’m sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!”

Did you know Cardi B wanted Lizzo for her WAP video?

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