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Lizzo ‘optimistic and hopeful’ amid Black Lives Matter movement

Lizzo is “optimistic and hopeful” following the global Black Lives Matter protests earlier this year (2020).

In an interview on the Netflix show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, the Juice hitmaker admitted she’s confident that, once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, people will come together to build a more equal society for future generations.

Reflecting on the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a U.S. police officer in 2014, she says: “People politicized it. How can you politicize the murder of a child? And I was so numb, that I lost all hope for any type of change in this country.”

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However, following the death of George Floyd in May (2020), also at the hands of American police officers, the Truth Hurts singer admits she “saw something different,” stating: “I saw the sudden allyship (sic) of young white people, which I had never seen.

“I also saw people in the news realize that it’s (Black Lives Matter) more than just a hashtag and a moment and us complaining, and that it’s real systemic poison.”

Lizzo’s comments coincide with her powerful speech at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (October 14, 2020), during which she spoke out for the oppressed while wearing a black Christian Siriano dress with the word ‘VOTE’ emblazoned all over it.

“I wonder, would I be standing here right now if it weren’t for the big black women who refused to have their voices be suppressed?” asked the Good As Hell hitmaker.

“I just want to say right now that if you’re at home watching this, and you are thinking about changing yourself to feel worthy, this is your sign to remain true to who you are… When people try to suppress something, it’s normally because that thing holds power. They’re afraid of your power. There’s power in who you are.”

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