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Lohan’s family planning intervention

The Mean Girls star’s father went public with his concerns for the actress after revealing she’s allegedly harbouring a secret drug problem at a press conference earlier this week (begs05Oct09).

Michael explained he worried his daughter would suffer the same fate as Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger.

He said, “I’m going to get her off the prescription drugs that she’s on… When you hug her (Lindsay) she’s like, vacant inside. When she kisses or holds me I get chills, and not in a good way – in a bad way. She’s a different person.”

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And now Michael Lohan has appealed to his ex, Lindsay’s mum, to help their 23-year-old daughter kick her alleged habit – by staging a public intervention.

He tells RadarOnline.com, “I had a conversation with her (Lindsay), her mother and everyone…over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing things in a pretty public way.

“But Dina has got to get on the same page with me. It’s a serious situation. You can’t just talk about it and tell me that you want to do an intervention and then do nothing.”

However, Dina Lohan has made it clear she wants no party of a public intervention, telling WENN she’s outraged her ex has used the press to air their daughter’s alleged drug abuse problems – and she’s urging the public to have more empathy for the troubled star.

She says, “If you’ve ever lived a day in the life of my daughter you would probably cry. It hurts and it’s sad that one of her parents goes on television and talks about her personal life – it’s personal. She’s doing fine. Whatever Lindsay’s issues are, they are family issues. If she stumbles, she falls and she gets up.”

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