Madonna tests positive for coronavirus antibodies


Madonna is planning to “breathe in the Covid-19 air” after testing positive for coronavirus antibodies.

The 61-year-old singer revealed her diagnosis in the latest installment of her Quarantine Diary on her Instagram page on Thursday (April 30, 2020).

“Took a test the other day. And I found out that I have the antibodies,” she said in the video. “So tomorrow, I’m just going to go for a long drive in a car, and I’m going to roll down the window, and I’m going to breathe in, I’m going to breathe in the COVID-19 air. Yup. I hope the sun is shining.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), antibody tests check antibodies in your blood to see if you have been previously exposed to the virus. The agency says that “a positive test result shows you have antibodies that likely resulted from an infection with SARS-CoV-2” – the virus that causes Covid-19.

And despite Madonna’s video, the CDC added that it’s as yet unclear whether or not having the antibodies makes someone immune to the virus or prevent them from contracting Covid-19 again.

“Here’s the good news,” Madonna added in her Instagram video. “Tomorrow’s another day and I’m going to wake up and I’m going to feel differently.”

The Madame X star’s revelation comes after she caused controversy last month when she called coronavirus the “great equaliser”.

“That’s the thing about Covid-19,” she said at the time. “It doesn’t care about how rich you are, how famous you are, how funny you are, how smart you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell. It’s the great equaliser.

“What’s terrible (about the virus is also) what’s great about it.”