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Mandy Moore: ‘I’m ready for a baby’

Top TV mom Mandy Moore is ready to start a family.

The This Is Us star recently became engaged to Dawes rocker Taylor Goldsmith, and now she’s gearing up to become a mother for real after insisting she’ll taste parenthood before her gay brother Scott, who is looking to adopt.

When asked to respond to her sibling’s comments about the race to become a parent during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday (09Nov17), the actress and singer chuckles, “It might be a little bit easier for me to have a baby. The adoption process can be quite tricky and lengthy.
“I definitely think I might be the first in the family for that. I’m ready. I’ve just gotta figure it out time-wise.”

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As an actress, Moore insists she has “the best of both worlds” on This Is Us, explaining, “I get to, like, be around yummy, delicious babies all day and then give them back to their rightful parents, who can change them and do all the hard work.”

Mandy recently confessed she and Goldsmith are considering adoption – just like her character, Rebecca Pearson, on This Is Us.

The childless star, who plays a mother-of-three on hit drama This Is Us, tells news show Extra, “It’s funny, because it (adoption) is something the show obviously really taps into, it’s something my guy and I have talked a lot about. Perhaps that’s going to be a part of our life at some point. Honestly, it’s something we had thought about before finding each other.”

And she might become a mom before she gets married a second time, confessing she doesn’t have a date in mind, a dress or a location.

“It will probably be once work is done and… very small and private,” she tells Access Hollywood Live. “Just for us.”

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