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Margot Robbie: ‘Hollywood women are really bonding over #MeToo movement’

Margot Robbie insists Hollywood’s women are really bonding as sexual harassment and misconduct issues wash over the movie industry.

Sparked by a New York Times expose on disgraced film boss Harvey Weinstein published in October (17), Tinseltown has been awash with inappropriate behavior and assault claims against filmmakers and stars alike – and Robbie thinks all the accusations are drawing more and more women out from the shadows of workplace abuse.

“Coming forward is far more complicated than anyone can imagine unless they are in that position,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter, “so I would bear no judgment on anyone who didn’t want to come forward. I would hope that anyone who did knows that they can and be supported 100 per cent.

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“I have never spoken to so many actresses, whom I’ve never met than I have in the past couple of months. Actresses, who if I met them, I’d be starstruck, are reaching out to be like, ‘Hey, there’s a group of us having a conversation about this, do you want to be involved?’

“There is a sense of community, and it’s sad that that had to come out of a horrible situation, but there is a support network there.”

Fellow actress Octavia Spencer agrees, insisting Hollywood’s dirty little secret will help all women.
“Every industry needs to change,” she tells the publication. “It’s not just the film industry. The big revelation for me is human resource departments have not been protecting workers; they’ve been protecting companies. That has to change, first and foremost…

“There are a lot of conversations happening and a lot of people using their power to make sure change happens.”

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