Hip-Hop Artists Mariah Carey Hasn’t Collaborated With Yet, But Totally Should

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Mariah Carey is probably best known for her five octave vocal range, her diva antics, and for being the one pop singer who brought the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard to the ears of the mainstream back in 1995. She is the unofficial queen of hip-hop collaborations and nobody — not nobody — can do it like Mariah. Having worked with everyone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to Rick Ross and Meek Mill, it seems like she’s pretty much covered all bases. And according to a recent Instagram photo, she’s back in the studio with Jermaine Dupri and Nas for a track on her upcoming album. But there are still a few rappers we’d love to see her work with! Before we get to them though, we should probably enjoy an oldie but goodie:

Kanye West

We love Kanye West, but he’s kind of a diva, right? The musical magic these two could make together would be amazing, but we’d also give anything to see both of them struggle like hell to share the spotlight: all kinds of hilarious, amazing, epic.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick is great because he has so many varied styles of rap and — like Mariah —  different vocal ranges that he can tap into at any time. His recent collaborations with Miguel and Robin Thicke tell us that he knows how to drop a great rap feature, so we’d love to see him take a Mimi track to the next level.

Azealia Banks

Mariah has worked with many-a-femme rapper, including Da Brat and Nicki Minaj. Since we consider Azealia to be the next big thing (if she can get her stuff together), we’d love to hear a divalicious track from these two. Plus, can you imagine all the mermaids and butterflies that’d be in the video? Awesome.

A$AP Rocky

We all know Mimi loves her Harlem rappers — past collaborations with Ma$e and Cam’Ron have proved to be all kinds of dope. And we also know that she loves a rapper with a grill, so we can’t imagine a better link-up than one with A$AP Rocky. As long as he doesn’t grab her on the butt on stage (à la Rihanna), he should be fine.


Okay, so M.I.A. may not be considered a rapper by some standards, but we definitely consider the Sri Lankan-British artist to be a member of the Hip-Hop community. She proved that she can pull off a brilliant, feminine, collaborative effort with last year’s Bad Girls remixes (featuring Missy Elliot, Rye Rye, and Azealia Banks), and we think her unique sound alongside Mariah’s would produce something pretty damn extraordinary.

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