Mark Wahlberg Goes Back to School — Will He Be an ‘A’ Student?

Mark WahlbergFor most of society, a good education is essential to achieving success. But then there’s Mark Wahlberg, who dropped out of high school in ninth grade, and went on to thrive as a model, music artist, actor, and producer. But even Wahlberg can only get so far without a degree under his belt. So, the Ted star announced on The Late Show on Monday night that he would be enrolling in an online program to achieve his high school diploma.

This won’t exactly be a walk in the park for Wahlberg as high school classes are hard. But hopefully, Wahlberg can pull from his experiences in Hollywood to ace a few courses. Based on his past performances, there are the class grades we think Wahlberg would make.

Wahlberg’s Fictional Report Card


Wahlberg has dealt with some pretty bizarre scientific phenomena in his day, including neurotoxin outbreaks (The Happening), meteorological oddities (The Perfect Storm), and space travel (Planet of the Apes). Not too shabby of a record. Prediction: B+


This is a subject that should be no problem for the former Funky Bunch member — not to mention the lead in Rock Star. Prediction: A-


He’s got boxing experience (The Fighter), basketball experience (The Basketball Diaries), and football experience (Invincible) under his belt. Plus, once Pain and Gain is out, fans will see what Walhberg can do in the weight room. Prediction: A

Criminal Justice

Here’s where Wahlberg thrives. He’s played cop (The Departed, The Other Guys, Max PayneThe Corruptor) and criminal (The Big HitThe Yards, Four Brothers, Date Night) so many times that he’s practically ready to take to the streets as a plain clothed officer. Prediction: A+

Foreign Language

Well, he did once pull an Italian Job… but if that’s not enough to convince you, Wahlberg ranks as one of the only living beings to successfully communicate with animals. Prediction: A++, as you can see below…

Mark Wahlberg

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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