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Marlon Brando’s Estate Settles Harassment Case

Lawyers for the late actor Marlon Brando have reached an “amicable” settlement in the multi-million dollar sexual harassment suit filed against the star’s estate.

Although financial details are unavailable, Pete Linden, an attorney for the plaintiff, insisted both sides were happy with the settlement.

Ex-business manager Jo An Corrales alleged the Godfather actor made her four-year employment with him difficult, subjecting her to a “hostile work environment” which included touching her inappropriately and exposing his genitals.

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She also claimed breach of contract after being dismissed as a co-executor of Brando‘s will just before he died in July 2004 of lung failure.

Her suit, brought to Los Angeles Superior Court last April, sought damages including the equivalent of her $5,000-a-month salary for her period working as a trustee and co-executor, as well as 10 percent of all residuals–approximately $500,000.

Brando‘s lawyers declined to comment but will be back in court soon to hear three other suits—from the late screen icon’s personal assistant, caretaker, and a Tahitian businessman—all seeking a financial share of Brando‘s lucrative $27 million estate.

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