Megan Fox Believes Her Baby Is Sending Her Messages From The Womb

Having kids is a weird and wonderful experience. With all the strange things your body does during pregnancy, why not believe that your baby is sending you secret messages from the womb? In a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Megan Fox, who is pregnant with her second child, admits that she believes her baby is sending her messages. According to the starlet, if you’re open to the idea, you can hear your baby talk, too.

“You don’t hear an audible voice,” Fox admits. “But I do believe you receive messages from the child if you’re open to it.”

She then goes onto explain that her baby is the reason behind her family’s upcoming move.

“This baby wanted me to live somewhere else, so we’re moving to a whole different place in Los Angeles,” she tells Jimmy Kimmel.

Megan also admits that she feels like her baby is telling her it’s a super genius, and her husband completely trusts her judgement when it comes to these sort of things. 

We know what you’re probably thinking: Fox sounds totally nutty, but she’s well aware.

 “I know I sound crazy, like I’m a lunatic,” she says.


While Fox might sound a bit eccentric, think about it: if the human body can grow another human body inside of it, is this really so far fetched?

What do you think: can mothers really feel what their babies are thinking?