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Michael Lohan demands meeting with Dina

The warring parents of Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan are reportedly due to meet on 13 May (10) for a deposition in their child support battle, according to Michael.

He insists he wants to talk to his ex about the welfare of their 16-year-old daughter Ali, who has been living in Los Angeles with the actress instead of staying at the family home in New York.

And he has told TMZ.com he will get Child Protective Services of New York State involved if Dina does not show up for the meeting.

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The former husband and wife, who also have two sons Michael Jr. and Dakota, have been feuding ever since Dina took Michael to court last year (09), accusing him of failing to pay child support.

The Lohan matriarch announced on Monday (26Apr10) she and her children want a restraining order against Michael following his police-led raid at Lindsay’s house last week (22Apr10).

He was attempting to stage an intervention at the actress’ Hollywood home in front of Ali, claiming his eldest daughter is hooked on prescription drugs.

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