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Michelle Pfeiffer: ‘I don’t feel guilty about working anymore’

Michelle Pfeiffer no longer feels guilty about her life as a working mum because her children are all grown up.

The Batman Returns star took two years-long hiatuses to focus on raising her son and daughter, but her resume is starting to fill up again with films like Mother! and Murder on the Orient Express, and she is grateful she doesn’t have to struggle with leaving her children at home while she works.

“It feels really good because I don’t feel that guilt anymore, that working mums feel…, and no matter what profession you’re in, there’s that tug,” Michelle told Today. “It doesn’t even matter if you’re a working mum, if you’re out doing something with your friends, you sort of feel this guilt that you should always be with them (kids), and I’m relieved of that, so in some ways it’s more fun (acting now).”

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Pfeiffer reveals she knew it was time to start acting again after her children started questioning her about resuming her career.

“It was actually one of my children who said to me one day, ‘Mum, are you ever gonna go back to work?’, which kinda hurt my feelings,” she added. “I was like, ‘What do you mean? Isn’t it great I’m home?’ and they’d be like, ‘Well, maybe it’s time…’ And then when they started applying for colleges I thought, ‘OK, it is time’.”

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