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Mike Tyson Settles with ‘Road Rage Victim’

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson has reportedly reached an out of court agreement worth $275,000 with a man he allegedly bit during a motorway road rage incident.

Florida native Isadore Bolton, who works as a driver and personal assistant to promoter Don King, claimed Tyson became agitated as a convoy he was traveling in was caught in motorway traffic near Fort Lauderdale.

According to court papers, Tyson ordered his chauffeur to pull up on the verge before leaving the vehicle and pacing up and down next to the highway in an agitated state. When Bolton arrived, he left his own car and tried to persuade Tyson to get back into his ride.

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Tyson then allegedly punched Bolton in the face twice, knocking him to the ground and breaking a bone. But to Bolton’s horror, he claims Tyson then began biting his leg, causing a deep and bloody wound.

Bolton says, “I was just trying to help. He was in the middle of traffic. Mike is easily ticked off. He’s apologized several times.”

Tyson‘s lawyer Robert Freeman tells PageSix.com, “Attack is a strong word to describe this incident. The case was settled without admission of liability.”

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