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Mila Kunis trolls U.S. Vice President Mike Pence with Planned Parenthood donations

Mila Kunis is trolling Vice President Mike Pence by making donations to Planned Parenthood in his name.

President Donald Trump’s deputy is a longtime opponent of the reproductive health organization due to its role in providing birth control and abortion services to women, and has been campaigning for the removal of their government funding for a decade.

In protest at Pence’s political stance, each month Kunis makes a donation to Planned Parenthood in his name – ensuring his office receives letters of thanks from charity bosses.

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“I disagreed with some of the things that Mike Pence was doing and was trying to do,” she told chat show host Conan O’Brien. “And so as a reminder that there are women out there in the world that may or may not agree with his platform I put him on a list of reoccurring donations that are made in his name to Planned Parenthood.”

Explaining the reason behind her actions the Bad Moms star added, “So, every month he gets a letter, to his office that says, ‘An anonymous donation has been made in your name’. I don’t look at it as a prank, this is just, I strongly disagree, and this is my little way of doing it. It’s a peaceful protest.”

Kunis is among a host of celebrities, male and female, who have given their backing to Planned Parenthood – with Scarlett Johansson, Lena Dunham, Maggie Gyllenhaal and John Legend all having praised the charity’s work.

Trump and Pence’s election last November (16) placed the organization’s funding under threat, as they had campaigned on a promise to remove its government funds.

Earlier this year (17) Jennifer Lawrence led a campaign calling on Americans to phone their local U.S. Senator to ask them to block moves to defund Planned Parenthood.

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