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Miller Begs Public to Stop Sympathizing

British actress Sienna Miller has appealed to the public to stop feeling sorry for her and asking her why she has forgiven cheating boyfriend Jude Law.

The former model, 24, called off her seven-month engagement to the Road to Perdition star in July when he confessed to sleeping with his children’s former nanny Daisy Wright.

After a few months apart, Miller decided to forgive Law‘s infidelity and they are dating again, much to the horror of the public.

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She says, “You have to swallow an awful lot of pride and say, it’s fine, that the people around me know me and I don’t care what other people think, but you can’t help but care.

“I’m quite tough and proud. It’s a nice idea that maybe we could work things out.” 

Miller also told the New York Post, “I find it odd that people ask me ‘Why did you take Jude Law back?’ I don’t regret anything!

“At some point in their lives, everybody wants something they can’t have–and to be the one to tame a man.”

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