7 More Celebrities We’d Love to Play Dungeons and Dragons With

Patton Oswalt recently made Dungeons and Dragons characters for all the GOP Presidential candidates and Vin Diesel made headlines after he played D&D with The Nerdist and Geek & Sundry, but they’re not the only superstars into roleplaying.

There’s a near endless list of famous D&D players (including Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, Chris Hardwick, Dan Harmon, Will Wheaton, and Felicia Day), but here are seven celebrities we’d love to invite over for some Mountain Dew and dungeon crawling:

1. Judi Dench

Vin Diesel reportedly taught Judi Dench how to play Dungeons and Dragons on the set of The Chronicles of Riddick and today, there’s a persistent internet rumor that Dench even serves as a Dungeon Master for her grandchildren, which officially makes her the coolest grandma in the world.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

You wouldn’t need to pass a perception to check to smell what The Rock is cooking. Vin Diesel once claimed that the Fast and the Furious franchise was influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, so it should come as no surprise that co-star Dwayne Johnson is also an avid gamer.

3. Stephen Colbert

Peter Jackson once called the new host of The Late Show the biggest “Tolkien Geek” he’d ever met in his life, but Lord of the Rings isn’t Stephen Colbert‘s only fantasy outlet. Colbert credits Dungeons and Dragons with helping develop his character creation and improvisational skills.

4. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan is arguably the greatest Power Forward in the history of the NBA, but before he was steam rolling over the Western Conference, he was busy rolling d20s. With his teamwork, bulk, and Lawful Neutral alignment, Duncan would make a killer Dwarven Cleric.

5. Sasha Grey

In 2010, Sasha Grey, the most famous adult film star in the world, made a guest appearance on I Hit It With My Axe, a Dungeons and Dragons tabletop show featuring other adult film performers like Dungeon Master Zak Sabbath.

6. and 7. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

It’s pretty common knowledge that the two grew up together, but did you know Matt Damon and Ben Affleck used to play D&D together as kids? The pair would even argue over who got to be the “magic-using elegant elf.”