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Morgan Spurlock Apologies for School Speech

Documentary maker Morgan Spurlock has apologized to an American high school after stunning students and teachers with a foul-mouthed politically incorrect speech.

During a lecture last week at Hatboro-Horsham High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the Super Size Me star joked about the intelligence of McDonald’s employees and teachers smoking marijuana.

The speech was cut short and another planned in the town later that day was cancelled. Spurlock has now posted an apology on his website: “It is never my intent to insult or demean anyone – and I understand how some of my remarks may have offended some in attendance and if you feel they did, then I am deeply sorry.”

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Spurlock also tells a local newspaper he hadn’t thought of the audience when planning his talk and could have chosen his words better.

But he denies claims in an initial report that he had mocked “retarded kids in the back wearing helmets”, insisting, “Having done work with special needs children in the past, something this hurtful would never come from my lips.”

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