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Mormon Jon Heder Avoids Hollywood Limelight

Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder is desperately trying to stay true to his strict Mormon upbringing, despite of his newfound fame.

The actor is currently starring in The Benchwarmers with Hollywood party boys David Spade and Rob Schneider, but shuns life in the fast lane.

He explains, “I kind of like staying out of the limelight. I hardly ever go to Hollywood parties. I’m just not used to parties.

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“I’m still living a very non-Hollywood life. I live in an apartment with termites and a leaky roof. I drive a crappy car.”

The actor maintains a strict Mormon lifestyle, which includes no drinking alcohol, no drugs, no smoking and no caffeine.

He adds jokingly, “I like to have fun, but I don’t drink and I don’t run around naked. Alone, I do. But, you know, not in front of people.”

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