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Say Hi To Your Mother on Mother’s Day With These Mark Wahlberg-Inspired GIFs

Credit: NBC

Mark Wahlberg may not always have the wisest sentiments, but when it comes to mothers, well, the guy definitely has the right idea. Well, at least Saturday Night Live vet Andy Samberg‘s interpretation of how the Oscar-nominated Boston native talks to mothers (or Josh Brolin or animals, for that matter). In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to pay tribute to our favorite pop culture shout-out to moms everywhere: “Say hi to your motha for me.”

Hollywood.com has created these Mark Wahlberg-inspired GIFs to celebrate Mother’s Day, as well as serve as a helpful and hilarious reminder that Wahlberg/Samberg want you to say hi to your mother on their behalf during the holiday. Check out all these GIFs below, which include an appearance from one of Hollywood’s best moms Amy Poehler and another piece of Wahlberg wisdom for your mother. And, you know, say hi to your mother for us.

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