Can You Guess How Many Movies Chris Evans Has Been Shirtless In?

Chris Evans, A.K.A.Captain America, has 37 acting credits to his name – but for all those roles, how many times has he appeared shirtless? It feels like all of them, but you’ll be surprised to find out the number is comparatively small. Can you guess it before even scrolling down?

Not Another Teen Movie

GIPHY/Columbia Pictures

Celluar Line Cinema Line Cinema

Fantastic Four Century Fox Century Fox

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Century Fox

Puncture Entertainment Entertainment

GIPHY/Millennium Entertainment

What’s Your Number?

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

GIPHY/20th Century Fox

Captain America: The First Avenger Studios

GIPHY/Marvel Studios

7 movies. It’s a crime. I demand his other films be remade to include shirtless scenes! Or at least, moving forward, every contract he signs should have a “Shirtless Chris Evans,” clause, that guarantees we get some shirtless CE.  

If that was not enough for you, then here is a minute-long video of all his shirtless scenes:

Praise Jesus. Amen.

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