12 Movies You Forgot Matthew McConaughey Was In

As an actor in Hollywood, Matthew McConaughey sits comfortably on Tinseltown’s elite A-list. We know him from blockbusters like, Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club, and cult classic Dazed and Confused, but his roster of films during his rise to the top include some we completely forgot the Oscar winner acted in.

Boys on the Side
In this 1995 chick flick, Matthew plays a cop who falls in love with a pregnant Drew Barrymore, steps up to marry her and be a dad to her unborn child.
Angels in the Outfield
While building his career, Matthew took on the role of Angels outfielder Ben Williams, in this heartwarming 1994 baseball themed family movie.
Even though he was an in-demand star by 2004, Matthew chose to make a small cameo playing himself on a red carpet in this Mel Gibson directed action film.
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In 1999, Matthew played video store clerk, Ed "Eddie" Pekurny who agrees to have his life filmed for a television show.
The Paperboy
Matthew plays gregarious reporter, Ward Jansen, who along with his younger brother, investigate a murder in hopes of getting a wrongly convicted man sitting on death row exonerated.
Killer Joe
This 2011 crime film features Matthew a police detective, Joe Cooper, who moonlights as a contract killer.
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Matthew plays, Dirk Pitt, an explorer who sets out to find the lost Civil War battleship known as the "Ship of Death" in the deserts of West Africa in this 2005 flick.
A Time to Kill
In this 1996 crime drama film, Matthew tackled the role of liberal lawyer, Jake Brigance, who agrees to represent a father who killed his daughter's attackers in cold blood.
The Lincoln Lawyer
In 2011, Matthew took on the role of Mickey Haller, a defense attorney who chooses to work out of his Lincoln Town car as opposed to an office, and begins to question his ability to do his job when a case comes to him that hits too close to another one he worked on.
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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
This 2009 rom-com has Matthew playing the part of famous photographer and confirmed womanizer, Connor Mead, who is visited by three ghosts of past girlfriends, after he gives a drunken speech at his brother's wedding, condemning the idea that true love exists
Failure to Launch
In 2006, Matthew played a slacker 30-something still living at home with is parents, who desperately attempt to get him in a serious relationship so he'll move out of the house.
Fool's Gold
Matthew teamed up with Kate Hudson for this 2008 rom-com, where the pair put aside their marital strain to hunt for a lost treasure, and in the process rediscover the love and adventure that initially made them fall in love.