Natalie Portman: ‘Women are reprimanded for behaviors men are celebrated for’


Natalie Portman has called out the double standards in society concerning gender behavior.

The actress appears in the science fiction drama film Lucy in the Sky as a daredevil astronaut who returns to earth after a lengthy mission in space.

Speaking about the movie in an interview on Build Series on Wednesday (October 2, 2019), alongside director/writer/producer Noah Hawley and her co-star Jon Hamm, Natalie opened up about an emotional scene which sees her character compared alongside her male counterparts, and reflected on how women are often reprimanded for the same traits that are praised in men.

“The same behaviour can be categorised completely differently between men and women, and that’s sort of what happens in the movie,” she said. “These guys are all daredevils. The first men who went to space, they agreed to strap themselves to a bomb… They’re all so brilliant, scientists and pilots and engineers, but they also were daredevils.

“Then when she does something that’s kind of daredevil… she’s reprimanded for it as being reckless. So you see that… the same qualities that might be celebrated in one might be put down in another gender.”

The adversity, she suggested, prompts anger from her character – but the Black Swan actress insisted its a natural response and representative of the struggles women face in everyday life.

“She is losing it, it but it’s also kind of a normal reaction to lose it when you’re facing injustice,” Natalie added.

Lucy in the Sky debuts in cinemas on Friday.