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New film exposes King Tut

Brando Quilici worked with top researchers, using DNA tests and CT scans, to determine King Tut’s cause of death – and came to the conclusion the legendary pharoah died of complications of a broken leg and malaria.

The life and death of King Tut has puzzled scholars the world over ever since his tomb was discovered in 1922.

Quilici’s King Tut Unwrapped film will also unearth other medical findings about the ancient Egyptian – like the fact he suffered from a cleft palate and had a club foot.

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The filmmaker created cigarette-sized cameras to capture the precise work of the researchers as they tested the DNA on a royal Egyptian mummy for the first time.

Quilici says, “King Tut is such a famous name but so little is known about him; we just knew when he was born and when he died. So now, thanks to the DNA, (leading Egyptologist) Dr. Zahi Hawass was able to identify the father… who is an extremely well-known pharoah, called Akhenaten. It’s very important because he’s the first Egyptian pharoah… who started to believe in one single god.”

The study featured in the documentary also unearths the fact that Tutankhamen’s parents were siblings and that his stepmother was fabled queen Nefertiti.

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