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Newton dismisses Taylor engagement rumours

The couple has been dating for a year and their relationship came under the spotlight this week (beg05Apr10) with reports that Newton proposed in February (10).

A source told Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper, “(Newton proposed) quite a while ago now, almost two months maybe, but they are really happy. She said yes straight away. The couple are known to be wild about each other and are rarely apart. They just understand each other. They are a really unique couple.”

But Newton’s agent, Titus Day, is adamant the stories are not true. He says, “There is no truth to that rumour”.

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The couple hit headlines last month (Mar10) when Newton was accused of trashing a hotel room where he was staying with his girlfriend. Staff at the establishment in Melbourne claimed Newton was involved in an “incident”, and alleged he punched holes in the walls and smashed glass in a bathroom, causing more than $3,633 (£2,434) of damage.

Newton denied any knowledge of the “incident”.

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