Niall Horan’s new track inspired by real-life romantic encounter


Niall Horan’s new track Nice To Meet Ya was inspired by a girl he met on a night out.

The 26-year-old singer dropped his latest single on Friday (October 4, 2019), as the lead track from his upcoming album – and the former One Direction star has opened up about the inspiration behind the upbeat tune.

“The lyrics came about from a half-true story. I was out one night and locked eyes with this girl,” he told Billboard. “We got chatting, and she was with a group of her mates and I was with a group of my mates.

“It felt like every time I turned around – like the lyric says – she just kind of disappeared.”

The star, who released the track as his first new music since his 2017 album Flicker, explained the pair kept bumping into each other throughout the evening and the whole situation felt like something from a movie – an idea he wanted to channel into the track.

“It’s a song that is basically like a movie that is based on a true story, and then you start changing stuff that makes the song start to sound a little bit more interesting,” he added.

Niall’s new album is expected to drop soon.