Nicki Minaj Raps Her Support for Mitt Romney’ — Is She Alone on the Right Side?

Nicki MinajThere’s a good chance that you can tell a person’s political views by the kind of music he or she prefers. It’s a generalization, but it’s one that is relatively acceptable (like “Old people aren’t great drivers,” and “Iowans love corn”). Well, it actually seems no different for the musicians themselves. For instance, did you notice all of the country singers including Trace Adkins, Sara Evans, and Kid Rock that attended the Republican National Convention last week? And it seems like more hip hop artists tend to be Democrats. But while some of the most noted rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Common show their support President Barack Obama’s campaign, there is an exception. Nicki Minaj has openly spoken out, or better yet, rapped out her support for conservative candidate Mitt Romney.

Rapper Minaj has been pretty vocal about supporting the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney and opposing that of Barack Obama. Featured on Lil Wayne’s new mixtape Dedication 4, Minaj sings the following lines: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches are f***ing up the economy.” You can hear the lyric in this clip from Rap Dose:

Music has been a longtime venue for the expression of political beliefs; it’s not at all a shock that an artist like Minaj is declaring her support for a candidate, nor even that she might use inflammatory statements to describe an opposing party. It’s the specifics of her commentary that people might find surprising. While Nas, Young Jeezy, and Ice-T have also voiced their support for President Obama, Minaj is hardly the only rapper who has used music to illustrate a more conservative political viewpoint.

Check out these other rappers who tend to swing right in their music.

Lowkey, singing “Obama Nation”

The Infidel, singing “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder”

Troy Barnes, singing “Riverside High’s Shamefully Outdated Fight Rap”

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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