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Nikki Reed launches sustainable and ethical business

Actress Nikki Reed is keen to promote a “sustainable and ethical approach to business” with her latest venture.

The star, 31, recently launched BaYou With Love, a jewelry, skincare and apparel line which specializes in creating sustainable and ethical products. And speaking to the September (2019) issue of Shape magazine, the star confessed the story behind the company is incredibly important to her.

“Once I became aware of my impact on the planet, I wanted the pieces I wore to come with a story that was good for the environment,” the Twilight star shared. “Being conscious of what we spend our money on is one of the most effective ways to create immediate change.

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“My goal is to inspire a more sustainable and ethical approach to running a business.”

The BaYou With Love line focuses on sustainably sourced materials that are environmentally friendly, and also teamed with Dell to transform the gold they recycled from old technology into products for the collection.

But the star insisted she wants customers to understand the message behind the items that they purchase, adding: “The most valuable tool you have is your knowledge and understanding of every aspect of your company.”

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