See How Similar These Actors Cast For Younger/Older Versions Of The Same Role Look Now

When it comes to casting younger versions of older actors, it can get a little tricky. The match has to be believable, and the talent has to be there in order to seamlessly have your mind transition from younger to older and vice versa. However, as years go by and movies begin to age, it’s fun to look back at those character matches and see how close two actors look in present day now that the younger actor is all grown up! Take a peek at our gallery to see how similar or totally off those casting choices ended up being!

Thora Birch & Melanie Griffith - Now and Then
Wenn / Newline
When cast back in 1995 for the film Now and Then, Thora Birch was a perfect match for Melanie Griffith. These days, you can still see slight similarities, but you'd never guess they were related, let alone the same person!
Alison Lohman & Jessica Lange - Big Fish
Wenn / Columbia
Today, Alison Lohman and Jessica Lange look more like a mother daughter pair, than the younger/older acting pair from Big Fish.
Mika Kunis & Angelina Jolie - Gia
Wenn / Newline
It would seem almost impossible to find a perfect match to play a younger version of Angelina Jolie, but Mila Kunis was pretty spot on in Gia. Even today, with a little movie magic make-up and hair it would be easy to mistake one actress for the other.
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Gaby Hoffman & Demi Moore - Now and Then
Wenn / Newline
Gaby Hoffmann was cute as a button in Now and Then playing the younger version of Demi Moore. These days, she's all grown up and it's obvious the similarities they shared in 1995 have faded with time.
Christina Ricci & Rosie O'Donnell - Now and Then
Wenn / Newline
This Now and Then pair seemed a little off then and today it's even more evident Christina Ricci and Rosie O'Donnell are not cut from the same cloth.
Christa Allen & Jennifer Garner - 13 Going On 30
Wenn / Columbia
Playing the younger version of Jennifer Garner was easy for Christa Allen, who looked like a mini-Jen in 13 Going On 30. Now that she's older, she hasn't lost her looks, but definitely wouldn't be mistaken for Jennifer on the red carpet.
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Dakota Fanning & Reese Witherspoon - Sweet Home Alabama
Wenn / Touchstone
Dakota Fanning and Reese Witherspoon were a good match back in the day of filming Sweet Home Alabama, but today there's no way any casting director would pair these to together two play the same person.
Mason Gamble & Ethan Hawke - Gattaca
Wenn / Columbia
There's no doubt Mason Gamble and Ethan Hawke are turn and stare gorgeous, but the two weren't the best match to play one character in Gattaca and they certainly couldn't pull if off now.
Mayim Bialik & Bette Midler - Beaches
Wenn / Touchstone
The pairing of Bette Midler and Mayim Bialik in Beaches is one of the best examples of younger/older casting. As the years have gone by, the two have remained fairly close in looks, but it would take a little more than make-up and a wig to have fans do a double take!