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President Barack Obama Read “Mean Tweets” About Himself and It was Hysterical

If you think celebrities have it bad when it comes to haters on Twitter, can you imagine being the President of the United States? Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel did just that to poor President Barack Obama.When the president dropped by the set for an interview, Jimmy brought back his popular sketch “Mean Tweets” and all the hateful tweets came out. But President Obama was a good sport about all of it and read the tweets.

Watch the hilarious full video here:


“I’m alright with the president wearing jeans. I’m not okay with president wearing THOSE jeans.” No matter what your opinion is of the president, let’s all give him kudos for being able to laugh at all the mean tweets.

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Which is your favorite Obama tweet from the video? Send us yours on Twitter! 

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