One Direction Wants To Break The Vevo Record With “Steal My Girl”

If you have ever read a single thing I’ve ever written, you might know, I love One Direction.  A lot. So it might come as no surprise to you, but over here at, we are FREAKING OUT about the “Steal My Girl” muisc video release on Vevo. We were ecstatic when the song first released. Now that the video is here, we can barely speak.

Before you even scroll a centimeter further, watch the video right this second:


Perfectly 1D, right? Gymnasts. Liam leading a band? Niall’s entire outfit and dance. A chimp + Louis = the dream team. Harry’s almost $4,000 jacket. Zayn and sumo wrestlers. And obviously, Danny DeVito (I love your work!).

Doesn’t this just melt your heart?

There was the perfect amount of Harry:

And Niall’s gorgeous face:

Hell, even whatever was going on here for Liam and Zayn was just perfect:

Before the video even released on Vevo, people were mentally preparing themselves (us too):

One Direction is trying to break the Vevo record with this single:

And their fans intend on making sure they break Vevo instead:

Then the video released and no one was prepared for it:

People had the right priorities:

People were thanking God for this gift:

People were absolutely obsessed with Louis and the Chimp:

Someone got detention over this:

This tweet perfectly describes how obsessed with 1D we all are:



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