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Oscar Doesn’t Help Foxx Pick Up Women

Winning an Oscar hasn’t helped Ray star Jamie Foxx get dates in Los Angeles.

The single star admits his status as a Best Actor Academy Award-winner helps when he’s out clubbing in other cities, but when he is in Los Angeles, women are particularly challenging to approach.

Foxx explains, “It’s hard with girls in LA because the girls in LA always put (the word) ‘little’ in front of everything you do: ‘I saw you had your little Oscar and your little movie. Why don’t you get a little further from me.'”

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The actor describes his current dating status as, “freelance” but all that would change if close friend Oprah Winfrey ever broke up with long-term boyfriend Stedman Graham.

When asked if he would make a move on Winfrey if the couple split he replies enthusiastically, “I sure would!” 

Foxx says he wouldn’t have a problem committing if the right woman came along: “With that special person, at that special moment, who’s willing to sign that special pre-nup.”

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