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Pamela Anderson: ‘I’m Addicted to Love’

Pamela Anderson blames her family’s addictive history for her failed romances because she’s hooked on falling in love.

The busty blonde grew up around alcoholism and, even though she’s not a big boozer, she accepts addiction has become a big part of her life.

She explains, “I have a very addictive personality… I don’t drink a lot, though, and I don’t do drugs.

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“The addictive trait runs through my love life and relationships. It has to do with me looking for comfort in my life.”

The former Baywatch babe, who was married to Tommy Lee and has since romanced surfer Kelly Slater, Kid Rock and actor Stephen Dorff, adds, “I’m a romantic and I want to be in love… I feel much healthier when I’m in love.”

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