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Paris Hilton and Friends Have Secret Codes to Ditch Unwanted Attention

Socialite Paris Hilton and her friends have come up with secret signals to help each other escape when they’re trapped talking to less than desirable lotharios.

They have developed a special language to bail them out of situations when would-be suitors come on too strong.

The party-girl says, “My friends and I have code words and phrases that we use when we need help. If I say to them, ‘Tiffany is crying!’ then they know to jump in. That’s one we use a lot. And then we run away.”

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Hilton admits she doesn’t always get to talk to the most desirable people at parties she attends.

She adds, “They’re usually older guys, who try to talk to you, or women who look like they’ve had a lot of plastic surgery. They are to be avoided at all costs.”

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