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Paris Hilton Blasts Nicole Richie Again

Socialite Paris Hilton has launched a scathing attack on Nicole Richie, branding her former friend jealous and fame-hungry.

The hotel heiress and her Simple Life co-star mysteriously fell out in January 2005 and have refused to divulge the reason behind the rift.

Hilton and Richie will soon be reunited on screen for a fourth series of their reality TV show, The Simple Life 4: Till Death Do Us Part, but will not have to film any scenes together.

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Hilton says, “She cannot stand being around me because I get all the attention and people really don’t care about her.

“It breaks my heart. She was my sister. She was the funniest, best person to be around and then she let fame go to her head.

“She’s not the same person any more. I never want to speak to her again–ever.”

The 25-year-old socialite is also determined to break the rules of her TV contract and escape working with Richie again in a possible fifth season.

She adds, “We’re under contract, but I don’t want to do it. They want to do it with just me, but we’re both under contract together.

“She has nothing else so she really wants to do it, but I don’t. It’s really pathetic that she needs to use my name to sell something because she’s obviously not enough.

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“I’ve been best friends with her since I was two, but when I brought her onto my show, she got very jealous and turned on me for no reason.”

Of Richie‘s recent weight loss, Hilton laments, “That’s not normal. I can’t believe it. She looks horrible. It’s really sad.”

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