Public Enemy and Dick Van Dyke teaming up to back Bernie Sanders at L.A. rally


Public Enemy, Dick Van Dyke, and Sarah Silverman are teaming up to support U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders at a Los Angeles rally on Sunday (March 1, 2020).

The rap group will headline the event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which comes just two days before Bernie looks to cement his place as the frontrunner for the Democratic Party nomination on ‘Super Tuesday’ – when 14 states go to the polls.

Public Enemy are the latest artists to back the 78-year-old Vermont Senator for the presidency, with The Strokes and Vampire Weekend both performing concerts in support of him.

The hip-hop collective’s leader, Chuck D, praised Bernie during his previous run for the presidency in 2016, when he lost out on the nomination to Hillary Clinton, but expressed skepticism about his chances of success in America’s polarised political system.

“Bernie said things that people wanted to hear,” he told The Guardian. “I thought what Bernie did with one of my peers, Killer Mike, was also amazing. All the awareness and everything Bernie did was great.

“But my main disappointment is that this Coke and Pepsi ran country has made elections this eenie-meenie-miney-mo sort of thing. It’s a game of mathematics and having to choose the lesser of two.”

If Bernie wins the nomination, he will take on U.S. President Donald Trump in November’s election.