R.I.P. Hiddleswift: Taylor Swift Unfollowed Tom Hiddleston On Instagram

Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift, WENN, 061616

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seemingly jumped through a years worth of relationship milestones in a matter of weeks. In the first couple weeks of dating, the singer and her hunky actor beau had already met each other’s parents, said I love you, hung out with each other’s friends and traveled the world together. It wouldn’t really be surprising it if it fizzled out even faster than it started, and as of right now, it looks like there actually might be some trouble in paradise.

Taylor Swift has unfollowed Tom Hiddleston on Instagram. Swifty has a very small Instagram network and only follows 85 people, but as of Sunday morning, Hiddleston is no longer one of them. It was only a week ago that the actor got an Instagram account, and it took a couple days for his busy A-list girlfriend to follow him in the first place, but once she did, we assumed she’d be there for good.

Okay, so an Instagram unfollow doesn’t mean the pair are donezo. It could be a glitch in Instagram’s system, which sometimes accidentally unfollows people you’re following. Maybe Swift just thought her beau’s online presence was annoying (haven’t we all dated someone like that before). Maybe Swift and Hiddleston are having a little tiff and she’s just trying to make him mad. Maybe Swift really does not want to be part of Tom Hiddleston’s narrative, but based on how googley-eyed she was at him for the past couple months, it’d be hard to believe.

Still, with how fast the couple moved, we wouldn’t be surprised if they pair just chalked the whole relationship up to a summer fling. Summer’s ending pretty fast. The clock is ticking, Hiddleswift!

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