R.I.P. The Weeknd’s Hair: 2011-2016


We announce with heavy hearts that The Weeknd’s signature hair is no longer with us. Sometime within the last couple of weeks, the rapper walked into a salon and sadly, his hair didn’t make it out. The stylists did everything they could, but even the Weeknd knew it was time to let go.

Despite its untimely passing, the Weeknd’s hair had fulfilling life. The budding star graced the covers of magazines, made TV appearances and rocked the red carpet. It even had a brief relationship with Taylor Swift when they met at a party and she pet it like a cat. Swift has not yet spoken about the emotional trauma of The Weeknd’s hair’s passing, but we’re sure there is a song or two in the works.

The Weeknd’s hair may be gone, but it will never be forgotten. It has moved on to a better place, a place where hair can freely grow as long and as wild as it wants without being constricted by the confines of The Weeknd’s head.

The Weeknd’s hair is survived by the Weeknd, who appears to be doing just fine and has already been spotted on an album cover with a different hairdo. 

The singer has also announced a new album in memoriam of his late dreadlocks.

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