10 Reasons Taylor Swift’s New Relationship Is Going To Last

Taylor Swift has kissed her fair share of frogs and dated basically every emotionally unavailable guy in Hollywood. So when word got out she was romantically linked with famed DJ, Calvin Harris, most rolled their eyes and thought, “Here we go again!” However, to everyone’s surprise, it seems as though the two are smoothly sailing through “honeymoon phase” infested waters. This could be the first real relationship Taylor won’t need to use as inspiration for her next album and here’s 10 reasons why.

1. Taylor is an optimist when she begins a new relationship.


2. She knows how to make a guy feel special.


3. Calvin isn’t bothered by her long list of famous “ex-lovers”.


4. He isn’t afraid to shower Taylor with PDA on national television.


5. Or intimidated by Taylor’s massive success.

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6. She’s already had him around her cats, Meredith and Olivia, and they gave their seal of approval.


7. Calvin has seen and can handle Taylor’s seriously dorky dancing at award shows.


8. The media hasn’t found fault in their romance…yet.


9. Calvin also understands what it means to live in the spotlight. So what if he has to share her with millions of fans?


10. Above all, Calvin has seen what happens to Taylor’s ex-boyfriends…nuff said…he’s not going anywhere!


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