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Rebel Wilson Sues Tabloids for Being Fired From Kung Fu Panda 3


Rebel Wilson has claimed she was sacked from animated movie Kung Fu Panda 3 over the publication of allegedly defamatory articles.

The Pitch Perfect actress took to the witness stand in the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday (24May17), the third day of her defamation trial against executives of Bauer Media, who she has accused of ruining her reputation and career by painting her as a liar in a series of their Australian magazines.

During her testimony, she wept as she thought of “every single day” she had worked trying to achieve her film star dreams, which have allegedly been undone by their “take-down”. She claimed work offers have dried up since their publication and she was even sacked from her voice job on animated sequel Kung Fu Panda 3, according to the Australian Associated Press.

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In September, 2015, it had been reported Rebel was replaced by Kate Hudson as the voice of Mei Mei, a crazy ribbon-dancing panda, because Rebel couldn’t accommodate the production schedule after it was extended.

She also alleged that a “stress sore” broke out around her mouth after her character was “ripped to shreds” in the articles, which she believes were deliberately timed to be published at the height of her career, around the release of May 2015 movie Pitch Perfect 2.

The 37-year-old alleged that the sore meant her supporting role in 2016 romantic comedy How to Be Single was reduced. She also claimed she was so stressed about the articles that she suffered from eczema, a urinary tract infection and had to take sleeping tablets.

The Australian accused the journalists of swooping in “like vultures” to find the dirt on her after she became “hot property” and cried again when she recalled an article which allegedly implies she lied about her father’s death.

Rebel is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit, which was filed against Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, New Weekly and OK! magazines.

The trial continues.

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