Redgrave gives tearful TV interview

The veteran British actress has faced a series of personal tragedies in recent months – her daughter Natasha Richardson died last year (09) following a skiing accident, and the grief was compounded by the tragic deaths of her brother Corin, who passed away in April (10), and her sister Lynn, who lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this month (May10).

The 73-year-old Oscar winner came to terms with her grief in front of millions of viewers on afternoon talk show The View when asked how she was coping by co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Redgrave, eyes red and watering, revealed she is getting through the tragedies by “glorying and grieving” her loved ones.

She explained: “You know when you’ve lost people that you absolutely love and adore you’re both glorying and you’re grieving. You’re grieving because you haven’t got them anymore and you’re glorying because you’re taking in what a gift each of them was, and what they were… so that’s where I am right now.”