Reese Witherspoon urges pal Nicole Kidman to spill her secrets in podcast


Reese Witherspoon is keen to launch a podcast, just so she can grill pal Nicole Kidman about her extraordinary career.

The Oscar winners have become great friends, Big Little Lies castmates and producing partners and Reese insists one of the best things about The Hours star is her ability to tell the best stories.

“The best part of working with Nicole now is I get to sit in the make-up chair and get her undivided attention for 30 minutes and she would tell me stories about working with Gus Van Zant, Stanley Kubrick, Baz Luhrman, and she has all these great stories,” Witherspoon explained.

“This woman needs a podcast! I want to interview her, no holds barred, about the history of her career. I want to do a deep dive just as a huge fan.”

Reese then turned to Nicole and asked her to consider a podcast chat, prompting the actress to respond, “No. I have some crazy stories but they’re only for the trailer!”