10 Full-On Reunions We’re Waiting For

Over the last few months, there have been a handful of reunions between artists, actors, and friend groups. Most recently, it was S Club 7 announcing they would reunite and perform at the 2014 Children In Need appeal.

One Tree Hill reunited in Paris. Friends reunited on Jimmy Kimmel. And that’s all wonderful and made us happier than ever, but come ON, we need more. NSYNC reuniting at the 2013 MTV VMAs was not enough. It was more like punishment, to see them back together again for 5 minutes, only to have it taken away. Also, we think a reunion should be more than just taking a selfie together or singing 1 song. We’re demanding news albums, new episodes, sequels – the works!



Look, Justin Timberlake, if it takes me and the millions of other NSYNC fans writing you personal letters to just agree to a reunion already, would that be cool?

2.  Lizzie McGuire

GIPHY/Disney Channel

I might almost be 24, but I still have A LOT of life lessons I need to learn from Lizzie & co.

3. The Mickey Mouse Club



Look at that, an opportunity for Justin and Britney to reunite, and a 2nd chance for Justin and JC to reunite!

4.  Mean Girls

GIPHY/Paramount Pictures

We’re talking Plastics reunion, baby. Including Amy Poehler.

5.  Kenan & Kel


I’m looking directly at you Saturday Night Live. You had to chance to reunite these two and didn’t. What were you thinking?!

6. But actually, how about an entire All That reunion:


Once Amanda Bynes is feeling better, obviously.

7.  Harry Potter

GIPHY/Warner Bros.

These guys are all obviously still friends, and support each other at play and film premieres, but we need more. It’s been 3 years and we’re suffering through post-Potter withdrawals. How about several more movies?

8. Full House


Danny, Jesse, and Joey reunite all the time (they’re besties, duh) and there has been a few reunions in the past – except the most important actors were missing! Dear Mary-Kate and Ashley, please make it to the next reunion, love the fans who grew up wanting to be twins just like you.

9. Saved By The Bell


Another one with a partial reunion. If the whole Bayside gang isn’t there, then it’s not a reunion. Dustin Diamond, sort out your feelings for the sake of the fans!

10. Destiny’s Child


Very much like the ‘NSYNC situation. Please change ASAP.

What reunion of these would you love to the see the most? Tweet us your suggestions for other reunions you want!