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Robert De Niro Housekeeper Offered Plea Deal

Robert De Niro‘s former housekeeper, who has been indicted on charges of stealing from the actor and other celebrity employers, has been offered a plea deal of one to three years in prison to settle all charges against her.

Polish immigrant Lucyna Turyk-Wawrynowicz has been indicted twice – once on grand larceny and other charges related to the alleged theft for her former employers–De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower, Boston Legal star Candice Bergen and socialite Renee Rockefeller, and five years ago she was accused to stealing the identity of an eight-year-old girl.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Renee White said on Tuesday the prosecution would not pursue additional charges against Turyk-Wawrynowicz, 35, if she accepted the plea deal.

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Her lawyer Mark T. Zawisny said his client would consider the plea offer because she could face a potential new charges relating to the alleged fraudulent use of a Social Security card.

Zawisny will also have to consider Turyk-Wawrynowicz’s immigration status after a US official declared last month she was not admissible as a resident alien because she used fraud to remain in the United States.

Last August, Turyk-Wawrynowicz admitted in court she only stole from Hightower because she was so mean to her.

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