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Roberts film hit by Bali protests

Locals in the village of Bentuyung, where filming was scheduled to take place, objected when the crew arrived a month early.

They blockaded roads and demanded payment of $32,000 (£21,333) for the use of the location.

The protest embarrassed officials who had granted movie bosses permission to film there.

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District chief Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, says, “There was a misunderstanding. The crew came in (with) 20 trucks, earlier than their scheduled shooting on November 10, so the villagers were offended and blocked the roads. They asked for 300 million rupiah ($32,100/£21,333) to use the location for filming. I was very embarrassed and told them this was unacceptable.”

Sukawati insists the problem has now been resolved and filming will go ahead as planned.

He adds, “Everything is okay now. The villagers understand. Many local and international films have been shot here with no problem at all.”

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