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Roberts filming in world’s wettest place

The actress and the crew of Eat, Pray, Love are heading for Cherrapunji in north-east India after winding up a film shoot at a Pataudi ashram.

Cherrapunji holds the record of annual rainfall – of about 905 inches.

And that’s not the only interesting thing about the place, as U.S. Indian statesman Rajan Zed tells WENN: “It is inhabited by Khasis who, unlike most of India, follow matrilineal culture, where a husband lives with his wife’s family and his children take their mother’s surname.”

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Zed, who is among leading Hindus with ties to Hollywood, is hoping Roberts uses the rich culture of the area to fuel her interest in India.

He adds, “I understand Ms. Roberts has visited a nearby village, where large numbers of villagers reportedly congregated to have a look at her.

“I urge Julia to visit the fascinating Hindu temples in Meghalaya and nearby Assam while shooting in the Cherrapunji area to explore her spirituality further. It would complement her interest in yoga and all things Indian.”

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