Celebrity Friends, Costars, and Colleagues React to Robin Williams’ Death on Twitter

Robin Williams, Dead Poets SocietyBuena Vista Pictures via Everett Collection

As ardently as we fans might have loved Robin Williams, it appears that his colleagues, costars, and friends adored him a dozen times over. In the wake of the actor’s tragic death, those who’ve worked with Williams in the past are taking to Twitter to express their sadness over the news as well as their appreciation for the man and his gifts for comedy and kindess alike:

Harvey Fierstein, Mrs. Doubtfire

Forest Whitaker, Good Morning, Vietnam

Casey Affleck, Good Will Hunting 

Juliette Lewis, The Fisher King

Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Crazy Ones 

Hank Azaria, The Birdcage

Jennifer Lopez, Jack

David Alan Grier, Jumanji

Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum

Cole Hauser, Good Will Hunting

Henry Winkler, Happy Days

Ron Howard, Happy Days

Danny DeVito, Death to Smoochy

Cheryl Hines, RV