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Robin Wright had ‘no hesitation’ over finishing House of Cards

Robin Wright has insisted “there wasn’t any hesitation” when she was asked to front the final series of House Of Cards.

The actress has played Claire Underwood, the wife of Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood, in every series of the Netflix show since it launched in 2013.

Though the program typically focused on Spacey’s character, he was fired last November (17) after multiple men accused the actor of sexual misconduct, with Netflix bosses choosing to have Wright lead the sixth and final season on her own – a decision that the star didn’t have to think twice about.

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“On my part, no. There wasn’t any hesitation,” she explained to an Entertainment Tonight reporter when she appeared at the show’s Los Angeles premiere on Monday night (22Oct18). “We wanted to close out this show the way it was always intended for the fans and equally important was we would have put over 600 people out of a job. So, it was only fair to finish with the security they expected.”

Wright was accompanied to the event by castmates including Constance Zimmer, Greg Kinnear, Patricia Clarkson, Boris McGiver and Michael Kelly. And after working together for so many years, the 52-year-old admitted it was an emotional affair when they wrapped filming the last episode of House of Cards.

“It was bittersweet, lots of tears and nobody wanted to leave!” she laughed. “We hung out in the Oval Office (set) until about 3 am dancing.”

Series six of House of Cards will begin streaming on 2 November.

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