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Roth calls for a Basterds prequel

The actor/director reveals Quentin Tarantino left a lot on the cutting room floor after wrapping the first film – and Roth feels sure it’s good enough to be included in another movie.

He says, “We have three scenes that we shot in Boston that take place before the war, and Quentin says if he does the prequel, he’s going to use them. They’re not going to be DVD extras.

“There’s a great scene with me and Cloris Leachman. I go and get her to sign the (his trademark) bat. It’s me and the little old Jewish ladies of the neighbourhood.”

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And Roth isn’t the only ‘basterd’ keen to make another movie.

He tells Eonline.com, “Everybody would drop whatever they’re doing to go back to work with Quentin. All the time, (co-star) Brad (Pitt) says, ‘Prequel, prequel!’ All the ‘basterds’ would jump on it in a second.”

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